Thursday, October 13, 2005

Isabelle Antics

Last night we went on a moon hunt. Isabelle has always loved finding the moon in the sky. Last night she pointed and said, "Go get the moon."

I explained, which I shortly regreted, that "You can't get the moon, as you walk toward it, it walks away."

Isabelle insisted, "You [I] want to get the moon. Go see it."

So we went on a moon hunt. Isabelle picked the street going most toward the moon, and we walked and looked at it from various places. Covered a few blocks and made it downtown before the moon, in a timely fashion, disappeared behind clouds just as Daddy felt we had to go home.

Isabelle was fine with heading back, but who knows if we're going to have to go moon hunting again, soon. I think next time I'll give a less technical answer.