Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Isabelle Art

I'm on an Isabelle art kick, but I think she's drawing the greatest pictures. Like this one:

Playing Catch in the Rain
Text reads: "Splash Splish"

Or this portrait of her family:
Am I wearing a tie?

More LolCats, & Isabelle's writing explained.

One more, can't resist...

"You Know We, Don't You"

To read Isabelle's writing, this vertical writing is effectively right-to-left, and mostly phonetic. Its letter-for-letter transcription is "yoo no we dot yoo." Needless to say, she wrote all these captions herself.

Friday, February 27, 2009

More from

I Has Thumbs
& Zella
No Get Out of the Basement
No get aot av oa basmit
I Has Fums
& Michelle
Oo, Shiny
oo shine

I Has Thumbs
& Casey
Now I Perform the Letter C
nau I pfoam the se

Isabelle Online

Two of Isabelle's favorite sites online are "" and "" (For the uninitiated, these are websites that post pictures with funny captions, lolcats specializing in funny pictures of cats.) She's decided to make her own website known as "" (That's "I Have Thumbs" for people who can't read Isabelle's spelling). Here are the first entries, with captions translated below:

I Has Thumbs
& Brian
Yum Yum

I Has Thumbs
& Carrie
I am Hungry