Monday, June 19, 2006

You know you're getting old when

So when Isabelle was born she received a copy of the Harper Collins Collection of Classic Picture Books for children. I was delighted to see old favorites, such as Harold and the Purple Crayon and Hats for Sale. Most of them I didn't recognize, however.

Put the book aside for when she was ready for such tales. Got it out the other day, now that she is ready for the concept of more than one story in a book. She loves pointing to the various pictures of the book covers around the edge of the volume -- "I read... THAT one."

Discovered that, apart from Harold and Hats and a couple others from the 40's, all of these "classic" stories are younger than I am. Several of them were not yet written when I graduated from high school. I think young parents are supposed to be younger than we are.