Friday, April 01, 2011

Isabelle's Snowman Extravaganza

Even Carrie doesn't believe me now about the number of snowmen I counted in the back yard, so here is my photo documentation.

#2 is a baby snowman held in the Mommy snowman's arms. #5 is sledding, so deliberately on the ground.

#5 was originally holding a shovel. He dropped it overnight before I got this closeup shot.

I don't remember why #3 was built on the ground. This is a close-up of my original aerial photo, as #1 was gone by the time I took a closer shot.

Count them up and tell me if I'm lying:
  • 5 in the family set
  • 5 in the garden gang
  • 4 individuals
  • 3 in the "hidden set" by the pine tree.
The final number is... 17.

For the record, when Isabelle came in from this work, she was so tired and cold she was crying. Hot chocolate and cuddles cured that, though, and now she's happily telling everyone how she got a little hypothermia.

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Wild Hawk said...

In reviewing my own blog (with an eye to actually USING it, imagine that!), I came across this post of yours, and wanted to mention that Isabelle now has a cousin named Calvin. Seems appropriate. (Calvin is the latest grandson of Alan; so, if I figure correctly, you and Alan are first cousins, Isabelle and Nicki are second cousins, so Isabelle and Calvin are second-once-removed.)