Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Boyfriend

Isabelle has a boyfriend. He's nine years old. He's told her he loves her. She concurs. They haven't kissed, but they do hug.

Today was the first day I met him, although I've seen him from a distance before. It was only afterwards that I realized I had behaved in a very atypical manner for meeting one of my daughter's friends. I approached him directly, introduced myself, shook his hand, and said it was nice to meet him. It seemed normal until I imagined doing that with any of her other friends.

I don't think this is presaging anything good for my behavior around future boyfriends. When she's thirteen, am I going to be asking, "So. What are your intentions toward my daughter, young man?" Will I go so far, when she's fifteen, as, "Gentlemen who wish to keep their testicles will have her home by ten"? Oh well. At least Gabriel got a very first taste of "meeting the father of the bride."

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Wild Hawk said...

We will start being truly concerned if you start looking into weapons.

May I suggest a crossbow? I can see the conversation now, as you fletch some crossbow bolts:

"What are you making, sir?"

"Bolts. When fletched correctly, they fly so accurately and silently that you never see or hear them coming...."

Just so much cooler than the whole "cleaning your gun 'til she comes home" thing. ;)