Saturday, November 08, 2014

Best Opening Lines

So, my survey of the best opening lines by independent authors has concluded. Participation was limited, results are not scientific, but here they are. The top vote-getter was a professional, Candas Jane Dorsey topped the votes with the opening sentence from Black Wine: "There is a scarred, twisted old madwoman in a cage in the courtyard."

But as promised the official winners are only the independent writers.

I apologize for throwing my own work into the mix. Submissions were few enough that it wouldn't have made a very exciting contest without a couple extras.

First Place At the end of this story a baby will be born, and touch off an insurrection.Shock and AweEugene Fairfield
Second Place (tie) Mesmerized by its beauty, I found myself staring at the sky with its only sun.The Legacy: FateGG Atcheson
Second Place (tie)The ravenous hunger that had formed a knot in my stomach pulled me out of my rest. The Legacy: Destiny  GG Atcheson
Third Place It all started with the bowling ball.The Prophecy of ShieldIsabelle Wightman 

Congratulations to the winners.

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